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Victory Over Stress!®
Confidential and effective help with Anger, Stress, Pain, Combat Stress, and even P.T.S.D.

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 “You gave me my son back!”  A heartfelt thank you, from a Father, at our Outreach event.

“You’re back!”  A year earlier his son returned from the battlefield and wasn’t coping well; on drugs, excessive alcohol, with a quick temper and the verge of suicide.  Our volunteer provided tools that helped him; “Saved my son,” he declared.  

Patriot Outreach In 2018, we hosted over a thousand outreach efforts and assisted in multiple States and Overseas. Souls touching Souls, Making a Difference! This is what it’s all about.

Patriot Outreach has successfully assisted our Armed Forces, Veterans, Retirees, Government Employees, Battlefield Contractors, First Responders and their Families (Patriots). We have delivered without charge, effective and confidential tools, along with coping strategies, to combat anger, stress, and even PTSD.

Coping Strategies CDsWe help bridge the gap between those who seek professional help and the silent majority. For example,Patriot-outreach provided over 650,000 free Coping Strategies CDs and downloads for all Patriots who requested them.  

We provided funding to Patriots attending PTSD Seminars and Workshops; provided financial assistance to disabled Veterans for home renovation; provided counseling (outsourced), treatment and educational resources to those individuals and families suffering from stress – treatment and sustainment. 

Special efforts in 2019 focus on Families and Caretakers, who also need support to recover from debilitating stress associated with recovery.  Since our founding in 2006, we have met many who suffered from PTSD symptoms in silence due to the stigma associated with the treatment of mental illness.  It was alarming to discover how many individuals contemplated or attempt suicide.


Patriot Outreach Our team emphasizes non-intrusive support, collaborating with those who share a common concern for the health and well-being of the brave men and women who selflessly devote their lives to the defense of liberty and our nation. 

We offer an extensive range of non-intrusive therapeutic support from canine and equine, to music and art, from employment and financial support to recreational and self-awareness. 

Our signature resource is a CD called Coping Strategies. This tool provides useful skills for Patriots and health professionals.  The CD has generated numerous testimonials regarding its effectiveness in decreasing stress associated with PTSD symptoms. 
We provide useful guidelines, reports articles, links, and special instructional audio programs, NOT because we say so, but through the testimonials and lives saved.  

Working Together, Making A Difference!

Patriot Outreach We are combating the greatest shortfalls affecting our Patriots today, assisted living and dementia while offering a setting to enhance their mental well-being to overcome life’s inherent challenges. Our projects provide support, rehabilitation and employment opportunities for our Patriots.

Patriot Outreach has started a National Fundraising Campaign to secure the funds needed to begin construction:

  1. Continuum Care Retirement Campus (includes Therapeutic Horse Ranch/Dementia Village/Social Clubs)

  2. Traumatic Brain Injury Hospital

  3. Outreach Centers

Our facilities will feature state of the art green technologies with the focus on becoming an international model for excellence for self-sustaining, stress-free physical environment facilities while offering a natural atmosphere to overcome life’s inherent challenges.

Breaking the Paradigm: Our Continuum Care Retirement Campus (CRCC) will provide a continuum of care and social services; a place where Patriots can go “to live, not just to die.” - Social support will include Patriots mentoring our youth and provide them a guiding hand from the wealth of their experience through:

- Fishing and Hunting (Rod and Gun Club)
- Flying (Aviation Club)
- Hot Rods (Automotive Club)
- Farming & Horticultural Club

Co-located within some of our the CCRCs will be a Dementia Village. Our Concept: is to build homes specially designed to create conditions were residents are challenged and remain active. Please join us in this noble endeavor.

Abandoned Brothers & Sisters

At the height of the Afghanistan and Iraq War we had 145,000 boots on the ground. Many do not realize we also had more than 155,000 Federal Government Civilians and Battlefield Contractors (Companies operating under US Government Contracts) in support roles (e.g., logistics, maintenance, training, linguists, security). Learn more

No one is tracking these Abandon Brothers & Sisters. Granted some are Veterans, however, they are Civilians operating in “Theater”, on the battlefield.

They encountered the same stress and injuries afflicted upon our Warriors. Many have no support network, no medals or honors. Their sacrifices must not be forgotten!

It is an honor to be of service to our country. Help get the word out!! God Bless!

Get The Word Out!
Patriot Outreach is a (501 (c)(3) tax-exempt) non-governmental, non-profit foundation with limited resources. If you have benefited from this service or share in our mission, please help us reach others.

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 Featured Articles
The Real Cost of the War
A special report: Why is the U.S. ignoring battle-scarred soldiers?

COL PlatoniWarning Signs, Triggers and Coping Strategies
by COL Kathy Platoni
(Psy.D.), 307th Medical Group
 Reports and Handbooks

New 2019 Department of Defense Suicide Report
Download It Now

2016 Department of Defense Compensation & Benefits Handbook
Department of Defense Compensation & Benefits Handbook

Download It Now

 What's Happening
Hero's Hall - BraveMind
BraveMind Exhibit
"Using Virtual Reality to
Combat PTSD"
Book a Sailing Vets Voyage and Sail Stress Away!

Inviting all Veterans, First Responders and their families to sail their stress away.

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 Patriot Outreach News & Initiatives

 A Supreme Court Battle for
 Our Veterans

 Make a difference, Help pass  H.J. Res 61 of The 115th  Congress

General_Hays_Veterans_MemorialGeneral Hays Veterans Memorial
Honor Our Heroes!
Memorial of the “High Plains” will honor Veterans from Northwest Kansas and Fort Hays.

Parkville Veterans Memorial
Parkville Veterans Memorial
Providing a place of reflection, remembrance and recognition while giving thanks to the many brave men and women who have given their lives for our country.

KMBC (ABC) Channel-9 News Story

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Careers For Veterans
Exceptional Sources for Exceptional Careers

Military Resume - Practical Advice for Military Veterans'Military Resume'
Practical Advice for Military

Guidelines for FamiliesGiving Back!
Northland Magazine Showcases how Patriot Outreach Organizations are providing real life coping strategies.

PDF Article

Guidelines for FamiliesRestoring an American Hero
Thank You Patriots!
Honor and history have been restored to a true American Hero,

Guidelines for Families
Governor proclaims Memorial Day Patriot Outreach Day! Check out the latest news
and events.

Patriot Outreach Charity Flyer
Need a Charity? Check out Patriot Outreach, a Grassroots Charity combating Stress, Suicide and creating Assisted Living Communities.
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Patriot Outreach PSA
Patriot Outreach Communities PSA Video

 Guidelines and Materials

Guidelines for FamiliesGuidelines for
Vets' Families

Important advice for families of Veterans to help them cope and overcome stress.

War Trauma - Lessons Unlearned from Vietnam to IraqWar Trauma: Lessons Unlearned from Vietnam to Iraq
by Dr. Raymond M. Scurfield, DSW, LCSW
Order the Book
DOD ChallangeStrengthening
the Force,
Preventing Suicide and Saving Lives

Department of Defense
PDF Format
Generating Health and Discipline in
the ForceGenerating Health and Discipline in
the Force

Army Headquarters
PDF Format
PTSD Podcast"A Healing Power"
Chaplain Pringle
with Iraq's "IED Hunters" shares his insights into Mindfulness and Spiritual Discipline
Listen to his radio interview:

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Proud to be an AmericanGod Bless the USA
Special Video Feature
Reason and Emotion Reason & Emotion
Enjoy a Walt Disney Classic!
Lifeline ResourcesLifeLine Resources
Best Online Support
Coping Strategies
Coping StrategiesTM
A special Multi-Media CD - an off-line version of the Patriot Outreach website
FM 22-51FM 22-51
Leaders' Manual for Combat Stress Control
Freedom Freedom
A touching video about why we
honor, cherish and celebrate freedom.
Sound-off!Sounding Off!
Listen in! and, discover more insights, news and feedback.


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