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Supreme Court Amici Brief
on the
Bladensburg Peace Cross

Bladensburg "Peace Cross" Memorial was commissioned in 1919
to honor fallen WWI Veterans, and is listed on the
National Register of Historic Places

June 20th, 2019
Supreme Court Victory!
We are already making history; Spearheaded by the The Veteran Alliance, also Amici Curiae, The General Hays Veteran Memorial was a centerpiece in the Blandensburg Peace Cross 7-2 Supreme Court Decision.
– Update, January 21, 2019 –
Oral Arguments are scheduled for February 27, 2019. Please review our latest Supreme Court Amici Brief (Merits).
November 2, 2018 –
We are pleased to report that the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to review the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit to strike down the Bladensburg Peace Cross honoring fallen Veterans from WWI.

Thought you'd enjoy the attached Supreme Court Amici Brief -- Bladensburg Peace Cross.

Supreme Court Amici Brief
(July, 2018) - PDF
Supreme Court Amici Brief (Merits)
December 2018 - PDF
Brief Supreme Court Amici Brief -- Bladensburg Peace Cross.

More information on the fight to save the Bladensburg, MD Peace Cross (The American Legion and Maryland-National, Capital Park, And Planning Commission -vs.- American Humanist Assn.) is available from the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) []

Original Message (July 31, 2018):

From: Rees Lloyd, Counsel for Amici Curiae, Bladensburg Peace Cross.
(We are honored to have renowned Civil Rights Attorney Rees Lloyd as part of the Patriot Outreach Team)

Maj. Gen. Patrick H. Brady (USA, ret.), Medal of Honor (Vietnam)--considered to be America's most decorated living veteran -- American Legion Newport Harbor Post 291 through its Defense of Veterans Memorials Project, Outreach organization led by COL Tony Monaco (USA, ret.), and three other Veterans organizations in Kansas who are jointly establishing two new Veterans memorials, have joined together to fight in the Supreme Court to save the 100-year-old Bladensburg, MD WWI Veterans Memorial "Peace Cross" from destruction by court order obtained by atheists and intolerant extremist "humanists" who are offended by the sight of a Cross honoring veterans.

More specifically, Gen. Brady, Post 291, Patriot Outreach, and the other Veterans organizations will serve as amici curiae ("friends of the court"), in a brief being filed on their behalf by the Alliance Defending Freedom ("ADF") calling for the Supreme Court to grant review and overturn a Federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal decision ordering the Bladensburg, MD, Cross to be destroyed as in violation of the Establishment of Religion Clause. The Cross was established 100-years-ago by The American Legion and the City of Bladensburg to honor those from the community who sacrificed their lives for freedom in WWI. The American Humanist Assn. brought the suit for members "offended" by the sight of the Cross-honoring Veterans

Gen. Brady argues that the attacks on Crosses, like the attacks on our Flag, must be fought. He notes in brief to the Supreme Court that, among other things, he is the recipient not only of the Medal of Honor but "the Distinguished Service Cross and six Distinguished Flying Crosses, all in the shape of a cross. These medals symbolize military valor, not an endorsement of any religion. Must these Crosses, too, be destroyed because they 'offend' the American Humanist Association?"

When it was announced that Post 291 and Patriot Outreach have joined with Gen. Brady to fight to save the Bladensburg Peace Cross, just as Gen. Brady, Post 291, and Patriot Outreach and others joined together to save the Mojave Desert National WWI Veterans Memorial Cross and the Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial Cross, there was strong applause in support from the WWII and Korean War Veterans to make that fight.

-----End Original Message-----

Please review the attached articles...We've been asked to join the fight.
The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected an appeal to save a 40-foot cross placed at an intersection in Maryland (by the American Legion 100 years ago) from being removed or destroyed.

In October, a three-judge panel of the Fourth Circuit ruled in favor of an atheist group's lawsuit demanding that the Bladensburg Cross be removed from an intersection in Maryland.

The Veteran Alliance

American Legion Post 173

American Legion
Post 173



Detachment 740
Catholic War Veterans

Catholic War Veterans
Post 1974

Patriot Outreach

Patriot Outreach

Bladensburg Cross Memorial Won't Be Saved, Fourth Circuit Says in 'Dangerous' Decision
By Michael GryboskiChristian Post Reporter | Mar 2, 2018

Fourth Circuit: 90-Year-Old Cross-Shaped Monument to WW1 Dead Is Illegal - Breitbart News
Bladensburg’s “Peace Cross” was erected by the American Legion in 1925 to honor the 49 men from Prince George’s County who fell in the Great War. In 1961, a Maryland state agency took possession of the land on which the monument sits.

Bladensburg Case - First Liberty
Federal Court of Appeals Orders Removal of 90-Year Old Veterans Memorial

"A Mother's Love Never Dies" - A video about the "Peace Cross"

A Mother's Love Never Dies  first liberty


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