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Be Still and Know
Military, Veterans, Family & Support Members
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Civilians and Non-Military  
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Coping StrategiesTM  (Audio and Computer CD)

Coping Strategies, is a special Multi-Media CD — an off-line version of the Patriot Outreach website.


Coping StrategiesThe Be Still & Know exercise is included on the Audio CD section of Coping Strategies, and is playable on any CD player. Additional audio programs, guidelines, articles and resources are available on the computer data section of the CD.

Also included are special insights and advice to assist Family Support Members. Official Reports, Military Manuals and Guidelines are included to assist officers and government contractors in understanding, preventing and managing the effects of stress and combat.

Grants (at no charge) are provided to Warriors, Veterans, Retirees, Government Civilians, Battlefield Contractors, First Responders and their Families.

Military:  Request your copy of Coping Strategies
                (Military Affiliated Only)

Civilians:  Order your copy of Coping Strategies
Civilians can obtain a complementary copy of Coping Strategies with a tax-deductible donation of $25 or more. Your contribution helps provide free CDs to Warriors, Battlefield Contractors, First Responders and their Families, and to help Get The Word Out!! 

Volume Coping Strategies CD requests can also be received with a tax deductible donation, please contact Patriot Outreach for details.

Overcoming Stress, Fear and PainOvercoming Stress, Fear & Painstar-Be-still

Obtain special advice and instructional audio programs addressing stress, fear, physical
or emotional pain.

Download The Package
(Military Affiliated Only

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Col A. Monaco
My Testomional
COL Tony Monaco
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 Featured Articles

The Real Cost of the War
A special report: Why is the U.S. ignoring battle-scarred soldiers?

COL PlatoniWarning Signs, Triggers and Coping Strategies
by COL Kathy Platoni
(Psy.D.), 307th Medical Group
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Coping Strategies
Coping StrategiesTM
A special Multi-Media CD - an off-line version of the Patriot Outreach website
Sound-off!Sounding Off!
Listen in! and, discover more insights, news and feedback.
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Patriot Outreach is a (501 (c)(3) tax-exempt) non-governmental, non-profit foundation with limited resources. If you have benefited from this service or share in our mission, please help us reach others.

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