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Patriot Outreach Programs

Our programs place emphasis on non-intrusive support, sharing with those who share a common concern for the health and well-being of the brave men and women who selflessly devote their lives to the defense of liberty and our nation.

Ranson Green Patriot Outreach Communities
Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)
RansonGreen Patriot Outreach Communities
Creating the future, by building a new city, that will set an international standard for sustainable communities. This state-of-art facility will provide housing, assisted living and care in a calm and tranquil stress-free environment.
Project Overview (PDF)
Communities Tri-Fold Brief (PDF)
Be a Volunteer! Join The Team!
Volunteer Orientation:
Review our Volunteer Orientation

Volunteers Needed -
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The Patriot Outreach Volunteer Opportunity Board is updated as volunteer positions become available. If you are unable to find the position you are looking for, please check back soon.

If you have any questions please contact our Director of Outreach Programs:
Steve Rylander

SalingVets Patriot Outreach
Informational Flyer

A project of the American Legion, Newport Harbor Post 291 in conjunction with Patriot Outreach

Inviting all Veterans, First Responders and their Families to sail their stress away!

"There is nothing more relaxing than being out sailing. The water, the waves, the wind and the sun combine to sail all your cares away"

- Tim Bercovitz, Skipper of the "Fairwind

Date: Outings Most Weekends
Location: Newport Beach, CA.
: 'Skipper Tim' (714) 527-0285

General Hays Veterans Memorial

General Hays Veterans Memorial

“The Frontiers Gateway”

Honor Our Heroes!
Memorial of the “High Plains” will honor Veterans that have sacrificed so much over the years from Northwest Kansas and and Fort Hays.

Please Join Us in this Noble Endeavor! 

Project Ruth Project Ruth
A breakthrough program addressing underlying pain experienced by suffering Veterans.

Too often, one injury is masked by another until long term stressors take over; their bodies, minds, and spirits become profoundly depleted. Unmasking the layers of anguish, CrainoSacral Therapy and Working Chronic Depletion (CSWCD), has proven effective in relieving their pain
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Samuel Merrel Restoration

Samuel Merrill Mausoleum Restoration

Mission Accomplished!!”

Thank You, Patriots! You made it happen!!

Iowa Governor (Colonel) Samuel Merrill, a Wounded Civil War Veteran, was resting in an abandoned Woodland Cemetery. His mausoleum damaged due to decades of neglect and a falling oak tree. Together we restored his monument, leaving to future generations a testimonial of our respect.

Please Visit:
Restoring an American Hero

Home Depot and Patriot Outreach

Home Depot also offers a 10% military discount on in-store purchases on select items; available to active military personnel, retirees and their Families with specific DoD-issued IDs.

Home Depot Project
Home Depot, teamed with Patriot Outreach are assisting, at no cost our Disabled and economically disadvantaged Veterans.

Home Depot volunteers are performing basic repairs and modifications to their homes. Focusing on safety and health issues, such as repairing a leaking basement, a rotting garage and windowsills to eliminate the source of mold and mice, to correcting tub safety and slippery floors.

Check it Out!

1st Annual Patriot Outreach Golf Tournament 3rd Annual Patriot Outreach Golf Tournament
Help benefit our Patriots and their Families while enjoying a Fun-Filled day of golf, concerts, celebrity guests, special displays, great food and comradery.

Monday May 14, 2018 - 6415 N National Dr, Kansas City, MO.

Registration begins at 10:30am - Shotgun Starts at 12:00 Noon

Be A Sponsor – Support A Warrior!

Download the Flyer

Kansas City Centurions

The Centurions
Law Enforcment Riders

Championing Veteran Rights and Community Safety.
Join the Team!

The oldest law enforcement motorcycle club in the USA. Established in 1973 in Camden NJ.
Chapters include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Delaware, Missouri, Central Texas, Louisiana, Georgia and Canada.

Patriot Outreach Drag Racing Team

Patriot Outreach Drag Racing Team

Patriot Outreach Drag Racing
Patriot Outreach Drag Racing and driver Corbin Mehrbrodt are helping Veterans, Military, First Responders, Government Employees and their Families to heal by generating
awareness and support.

Corbin and his independently-operated drag race team are located in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

99 Scots Guards

99th Scots Guards - One of the 10 Best Military Bands in the world

Pipe Major Norwood BayBridge
99th Scots Guards Regimental Pipes
and Drums

The 99th Scots Guards Regimental Pipes and Drums is the official pipe and drum band of Patriot Outreach.

"The charitable bagpipe performance to highlight on the South Ellipse of the White House in Washington DC went swimmingly today; thanks entirely to the wonderful assistance received from Senator John Thune's Office; and, the White House Liaison Office of the National Park Service.

Following the Highland bagpiping there was an ideal opportunity to talk to a great many people about; and, its overall mission, goal, objectives and work.

It is a privilege to be part of the Patriotic Outreach effort; especially since it is so worthwhile and beneficial to both Active Duty Armed Forces Personnel and US Service Veterans.

Best personal regards,


Pipe Major Norwood BayBridge
99th Scots Guards Regimental Pipes and Drums."

Pipe Major Norwood

PPP Recovery Flyer

Ponies, Patriots & People
With a unique approach, PPP Recovery Program is assisting our Military personnel and their families to bridge the gap from PTSD “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”, and a normal healthy productive lifestyle.

By combining animal rescue services, missing persons search, recovery and tailored animal therapy programs. This bonding vehicle helps those learn to cope, survive and regenerate new constructive life skills.

- 167 Recovered (2012-2013)

PPP Recovery Flyer

Facebook Page
Radio Program

Volunteer Outreach
Patriot Outreach also provides referral services and family programs. Do you have what it takes to support our American Heroes? Are you in the Military, a Veteran or Family Member? Come out and join and support our efforts by also being a part of our Volunteer Teams.

Volunteer Outreach
Volunteer opportunities continue grow and we welcome those who want to become a part of this wonderful organization and the mission ahead

If you have any questions please contact our Director of Outreach Programs: Steve Rylander

The Saluting Marine

See Him Standing Strong at Rolling Thunder - YouTube

Stand with SSGT Chambers at Warrior Jam 2013

The Saluting Marine, Joins
The Patriot Outreach Team!!

SSGT Tim Chambers Joins as Liaison of Military and Veteran Affairs for the PPP Recovery Program.

His duties include Nationwide PPP Recovery Program promotion. He will be assisting Warriors to benefit from PPP Recovery Programs and Patriot Outreach, and will be implementing new programs to benefit our Warriors.

SSGT Chambers IS THE VOICE OF THE WARRIOR, and completes a vital facet of our Program.

A Wounded Warrior and HIGHLY Respected by Veterans and Active Duty Warriors alike, he also serves as our Master of Ceremonies.

Ryan Daniel Patriot Outreach Tour
Ryan Daniel Patriot Outreach Tour
Country music artist Ryan Daniel's Patriot Outreach tour promotes a mission of care and prevention to our Warriors, First-Responders, Government Employees and their Families.

The tour will tentatively visit the 132 major active military installations. Ryan Daniel will perform a show at each location and share our Coping Strategies CD

We are providing free music concerts at no cost to the host military base.

Ryan Daniel Patriot Outreach Tour
Monty Roberts - Horse Whisperer
Join Up International
Horse Sense and Soldiers: Join-Up with Veterans Website
Monty Roberts
"Horse Sense & Soldiers
Legendary Monty Roberts the “Horse Whisperer,” in cooperation with his “Join-Up, International” are providing “Horse Sense and Soldiers - Join-Up with Veterans” workshops and the results are fantastic!

We have people laughing and getting back to a normal life who have been afflicted with PTSD for upwards of 35 years. From Vietnam to Afghanistan, these injured warriors come home in a terrible state and need our help to get back to the civilized world. The horses are doing their work with incredible efficiency. Check Out their Upcoming Workshops!

Monty talks about "Horse Sense & Soldiers" on CRN Talk Radio:

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Rev'ved Up for Kids

Edelbrock Family Foundation

Rev'ved Up 4 Kids!
Edelbrock Family Foundation

Christi Edelbrock (Patriot Outreach’s National SpokesLady) has over the past eight years, led and inspired Rev’ved Up 4 Kids!

Rev’ved Up 4 Kids is a one-of-a-kind charity event and Car Show that's fun for the whole family and community.  Rev'ved Up 4 Kids highlights street rods, muscle cars, classic cars, trucks, specialty vehicles, motorcycles, private collections, and more! The 2013 event featured all four branches of the Armed Forces, and the Coast Guard!

Check out the Rev'ved 4 Kids Website & Video

American Legion - Patriot Outreach Pilot Program
American Legion Pilot Program
In 2012, the California Department adopted a Resolution of support for Patriot Outreach, resulting in the establishment of the American Legion Patriot Outreach Pilot Project of the Department of California, on the recommendation of the National American Legion VA&R Commission staff, which pledged its assistance and support for the pilot project at the National American Legion Convention 2012.

Now in the third productive of the Patriot Outreach Pilot Project, delegates representing the some 100,000 members at the California Dept. of The American Legion Convention 2014 voted to adopt a resolution for the Pilot Project to become a National American Legion Project.

At the National American Legion Convention on August 22-28, 2014, in Charlotte, N.C., the Patriot Outreach Resolution was considered by the Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Committee. Delegates voted to forward it to the VA&R Standing Committee for further study and action at the National Executive Committee meeting in October, 2014, at National Headquarters in Indianapolis.

RESOLVED, The National American Legion, should adopt the American Legion Department of California Patriot Outreach Pilot Project as a National American Legion Project, and establish a working relationship in conjunction with Patriot Outreach….

Goliath Pictures
Goliath Pictures Website
Goliath Pictures
Producers of the Patriot Outreach Documentary

Goliath Pictures is proud to be a part of such an exciting production as the PATRIOT OUTREACH documentary. Together we have formed a team of talented film-makers which are driven to relay a message of hope to our Armed Forces. The demand for this documentary couldn't be more important in today's time as our US Warrior's face PTSD at alarming rates.
Warrior Jam 2013 Poster
Facebook Page
Warrior Jam - Feature Video

Warrior Jam 2013!
This year's entertainment included Ryan Daniel, Soldier Hard, Motor Junkie, JD Danner Band and Josh Phillips! Enjoy live music, old-time country fair, food, a poker run, car show, giveaways, children’s games, raffle prizes, 50/50 drawings, and much more.

Bring the whole family out for this special event designed to entertain our military, veterans, first responders, law enforcement and DOD front line military contractors and their families along with the community as a whole.
L.A. Comedy Club Awards

Kevin Costner for Patriot Outreach
Kevin Costner
L.A. Comedy Awards
Champion of our Warriors and their Families, LA Comedy Awards has designated Patriot Outreach their favorite charity.

Many celebrities including Kevin Costner, Michael Peterson and Ryan Danial have encouraging words…

Celebrities Who Support Patriot Outreach

Baptiste Yoga for Troops

Yoga for Wounded Soldiers!
Baron Baptiste, a true Champion of Patriot Outreach, has been influential on the international and American yoga scene for over two decades. His message and the methodology of Baptiste Yoga™ have produced powerful results with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

Check out his Wounded Warrior class at McClellen Air Force Base:
Yoga With Troops - Video

Warrior Hike


Walk Off The War!
Warrior Hike

Patriot Outreach’s partner Warrior Hike; an outdoor recreational therapy program that supports veterans transitioning from their military service by hiking through America’s national scenic trails.

Recognizing the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of long distance hiking, Warrior Hike has partnered with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the Continental Divide Trail Coalition, and the Pacific Crest Trail Association to create the “Walk Off The War” Program. It is designed to support combat veterans transitioning from their military service by hiking though American’s three national scenic trails.

About Warrior Hike (Video)
Trail Therapy Article (OFFDuty Magazine)
Patriot Outreach Mustang Auction
Watch the Video
eBay Motors and Mod Jobs Patriot Outreach Mustang Auction
Follow a team of well-known automotive experts as they customize a Ford Mustang GT to create a one-of-a-kind, street machine that turned heads and inspired envy at SEMA Motor Show where it was auctioned to support our Warriors.

American Wounded, Disabled & Veterans at Lourdes
Our Veteran and Caretaker gave a very touching and powerful testimonial. 

Join the Archdiocese of Military Services and Knights of Columbus, who have partnered with Lourdes Volunteers for the Year of Faith Lourdes Military Pilgrimage. What would you do for a wounded Veteran? ALL that you can!
International Military Pilgrims 
Feature Video


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Col A. Monaco
My Testomional
COL Tony Monaco
PDF Version
 Featured Articles

The Real Cost of the War
A special report: Why is the U.S. ignoring battle-scarred soldiers?

COL PlatoniWarning Signs, Triggers and Coping Strategies
by COL Kathy Platoni
(Psy.D.), 307th Medical Group
Lifeline ResourcesLifeLine Resources
Best Online Support
Coping Strategies
Coping StrategiesTM
A special Multi-Media CD - an off-line version of the PatriotOutreach website
Sound-off!Sounding Off!
Listen in! and, discover more insights, news and feedback.
 Get The Word Out!

Patriot Outreach is a (501 (c)(3) tax-exempt) non-governmental, non-profit foundation with limited resources. If you have benefited from this service or share in our mission, please help us reach others.

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 About Stress and PTSD
Sound-off!Healing War Trauma:  A Handbook of Creative Approaches
Sound-off!War Trauma and Its Wake: Expanding the Circle of Healing
Reduction, and
Sound-off!Army Health Promotion & Regulation 600-63

Sound-off!D2900-Post Deployment Health Reassessment

'Proceedings' article on Traumatic Brain Injury


Patriot Outreach Support Flyer
Patriot Outreach Flyer

Patriot Art
Patriot ArtPatriot Art!
Artist Stephanie Bowstring originated the art work, “Never Leave A Buddy Behind,” which was adopted by Patriot Outreach as their logo. She was inspired to do a series of patriot art work which has been proudly displayed at several of our outreach events. Prints are available…Enjoy!

Eagle Memorial

Art by Stephanie Bowstring
What's Happening

CFC Flyer
Need a Charity? Check out Patriot Outreach, a Grassroots Charity combating Stress, Suicide and creating Assisted Living Communities.
Download a printable flyer
CFC Determination Letter

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Guidelines for FamiliesTeam Up to Join Up!
Northland Magazine Showcases how Patriot Outreach, Monty Roberts and Cerner are working to help Vets with PTSD
PDF Article

Patriot Outreach PSA
Patriot Outreach Communities PSA Video

Bill Goldberg - Patriot Outreach
Bill Goldberg, World Wrestling Champion, Talks About Patriot Outreach on Motor Trend Radio

"Memorial Day" Proclamations

"Patriot Outreach Day"
2012 to 2013 Proclamations

Patriot Outreach Proclamation 2013


Military Honor Society Passes Resolution:
Military Honor Society Passes Resolution

Self-Help Resources Guide:

Patriot Outreach Pocket Guide
Patriot Outreach - Quick Facts:

Patriot Outreach Fact Sheet
Extreme Vets
Freeing Disabled Patriots
A breakthrough initiative allowing Disable Patriots who are unable to participate physically the ability to reclaim life, fulfilling a dream or passion through the magic of Virtual Reality (VR) (such as to riding a Roller-Coaster, Scuba Diving or Climbing Mt. Everest). Teamed with OmniLife VR, we want to field twelve VR Teams, treating over 360 Disable Patriots.

KMBC (ABC) Channel-9 News Story

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