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Charity Classic
'The National'
National Golf Club of KC
Friday October 14-16, 2022

We are opening our doors to the public and would love your support! You will receive access to our Practice Facility before the round, all 18-holes of our Tom Watson-designed course, Cart included, and will be entered into our Premier Prize Drawing.

Sponsor a Warrior/First Responder to Play

Only $25.00

Can't make it to the event, but want to sponsor one of our Warriors/First Responders to play? Donate now.

We have identified 32 First Responders & Warriors who want to play. Please make their dreams come true and give them a chance to play, forge new relationships, share experiences, and team build at The National Course.

You can play at “The National” with a
Non-Member Special

Guest For a Day (Non-Members Only)

You will receive access to our Practice Facility before the round, all 18-holes of our Tom Watson designed course, Cart included, a Bloody Mary at the First tee and 4 entries into our Premier Prize Drawing.

And, Honor Your Loved Ones

Honor Your Loved Ones in the Field of Tribute with a Custom Sign. (See flyer below)

Just click on link below, then click on “Register Now” then click on “Sponsorship Packages

Please share!!  We need your Help! 

Working Together, Making A Difference! 


Make A Donation

Sponsorship Opportunities Available!

Download Event Fliers:

Event Flyer
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Guest Flyer
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Sponsor Package
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Charity Classic Flyer

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  What's Happening

Hero's Hall - BraveMind

BraveMind Exhibit
"Using Virtual Reality to
Combat PTSD"
General_Hays_Veterans_MemorialGeneral Hays Veterans Memorial
Honor Our Heroes!
Memorial of the “High Plains” will honor Veterans from Northwest Kansas and Fort Hays.

 A Supreme Court Battle for
 Our Veterans

Lifeline ResourcesLifeLine Resources
Best Online Support
Coping Strategies
Coping StrategiesTM
A special Multi-Media CD - an offline version of the PatriotOutreach website
Sound-off!Sounding Off!
Listen in! and, discover more insights, news and feedback.
 Support Programs

Monty Roberts
"Horse Sense & Soldiers
"Monty Roberts - Horse Whisperer
Legendary Monty Roberts the “Horse Whisperer,” in cooperation with his “Join-Up, International” are providing “Horse Sense and Soldiers - Join-Up with Veterans” workshops and the results are fantastic!

Horse Sense and Soldiers: Join-Up with Veterans Website

Book a Sailing Vets Voyage and Sail Stress Away!

Extreme Vets
Freeing Disabled Patriots
A breakthrough initiative allowing Disable Patriots who are unable to participate physically the ability to reclaim life, fulfilling a dream or passion through the magic of Virtual Reality (VR) (such as to riding a Roller-Coaster, Scuba Diving or Climbing Mt. Everest). Teamed with OmniLife VR, we want to field twelve VR Teams, treating over 360 Disable Patriots.

KMBC (ABC) Channel-9 News Story
Donate Now

PTSD Podcast"A Healing Power"
Chaplain Pringle
with Iraq's "IED Hunters" shares his insights into Mindfulness and Spiritual Discipline
Listen to his radio interview:

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