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Pass the Flag Amendment 

Pass The Flag Amendment  
M.G. Brady "When you burn the flag,
you burn the Constitution"
Maj. Gen. Patrick H. Brady, USA (Ret.)
Medal of Honor Recipient, Chairman,
Citizens Flag Alliance

Please review Honor Our Flag Slide Show and Flag Amendment Resolution tailored to a Post level (American Legion, VFW, 40/8, DAV) and is part of are:
Flag Amendment Battle Kit
  - Slide Show (Static)
- Slide Show (Animated)
- Sample Resolution
- Sample Press Release
- Sample Letters to State/Local Officials
- Frequently Asked Questions
- Let The People Decide (PDF)
- Contact Members of Congress
- Write An Opinion-Editorial
- Write A Letter To The Editor
- Engage Talk Radio
- Distribute Support Materials
- Team With Citizens Flag Alliance


Patriot Outreach has teamed with Medal of Honor winner MG Brady, in his efforts to renew The Flag Amendment (which missed Senate passage by one vote)

Patriot Outreach's Board of Directors approved "Honor Our Flag" Program citing article:
'Inequities in the Law have Produced Inequities in Life'
Subject of Concern: American Flag Burning

"The very act of flag-burning can trigger suppressed PTSD emotions and violent uncontrolled responses, all inflicted by those presently “protected” by a disconnected Supreme Court. *The Supreme Court and the Constitution should not protect these individuals who have taken what the courts call “symbolic free speech” and turn it into inciting lawless actions and violent speech. These actions disallow and clearly remove the “veil” of protection given by the courts."

And, Rees Lloyd agreed to lead program as General Counsel

- PDF Version

Flag Amendment House Joint Resolution 61

H.J. Resoultoin 6


Rep. Steve Womack (R-AR-3) introduced H.J.Res.61 on 02/02/2017

Cosponsors: (* denotes an original cosponsor)
Rep. Mark Amodei [R-NV-2]* 02/02/2017
Rep. Marsha Blackburn [R-TN-7]* 02/02/2017
Rep. Evan Jenkins [R-WV-3]* 02/02/2017
Rep. Robert Aderholt [R-AL-4]* 02/02/2017
Rep. Trent Franks [R-AZ-8]* 02/02/2017
Rep. Bradley Byrne [R-AL-1]* 02/02/2017
Rep. Pete Olson [R-TX-22]* 02/02/2017
Rep. Steven Palazzo [R-MS-4]* 02/02/2017
Rep. Jeff Fortenberry [R-NE-1]* 02/02/2017
Rep. Paul Cook [R-CA-8]* 02/02/2017
Rep. Ralph Lee Abraham [R-LA-5]* 02/02/2017
Rep. Joe Wilson [R-SC-2]* 02/02/2017
Rep. Bill Johnson [R-OH-6]* 02/02/2017

Learn More:

"Let the People Decide"
The Citizens Flag Alliance is a broad-based, nonpartisan, nonprofit, national organization, which was formed to persuade Congress to pass a constitutional amendment that would return to the American people the right to protect their flag. We invite you to read and share this important doccument, and visit thier website at:
Let The People Decide


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