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Unzipping Files

Zipped files are compressed, saving space. This makes downloading files from the Internet faster and allows software distributors to put more files on distribution media, such as a CD. Most zipped files end with the .zip extension.

Windows XP can unzip Zip files without needing any additional utility.

If you are using Windows 2000, an earlier version of Windows, or an Apple computer, you will have to obtain a un-zip utility to decompress the zip files you have downloaded.

PCs can download a free version of Stuff-it Expander:

Also Winzip utility at:

Apple Mac users can download a free version of Stuff-it at:


  1. Double-click the zipped file, and in the window that opens, click Extract all files.

  2. The Extraction Wizard opens.

  3. Click Next, and in the "Select a Destination" menu select the location where you want the folder to be placed--for example, the Desktop. Click Next.

  4. Select Show extracted files. Check Finish. Your unzipped files will appear in the new window.

  5. Use the contents of the zipped file as instructed in the solution.


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